Egypt Private Tours

Egypt Private Tours
Book [7 Day - 8 Day - 10 Day - 12 Day] Egypt Private Tours [Budget - Luxury] Solo Travel Egypt [2018 - 2019] Private Guided Tours of Egypt [Cairo, Giza Pyramids Tours, Nile Cruise Luxor Aswan Vacations, Hurghada Red Sea Travel, Sharm El Sheikh Sinai Vacations, Sahara Western Desert & Oasis Holidays].

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12 Day Cairo and Sonesta Dahabiya Nile Cruise

Special Offer
12 day Nile Cruise & stay all inclusive package, 11 nights luxury Egypt tours to Explore Cairo before flying to Luxor. Sail the Nile aboard luxury Sonesta Dahabiya cruise ship stopping at Upper Egypt major attractions, temples & landscapes from Luxor to Aswan..
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2 Days Cairo Airport Layover

$ 145.00
Book overnight Cairo Airport layover to visit the city famous attractions. Cairo Pyramids tour with accommodation and airport transfers included to admire Giza Pyramids, Sphinx , Sakkara, Memphis, Egyptian Museum and Old Cairo.
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3 Day Cairo Layover Tour

$ 190.00
2 nights Cairo layover tour, 3 days Cairo Egypt Pyramid tours to visit the great attractions of Cairo including hotel and return airport transfers. Stopover Tour to admire Giza Pyramids, Sphinx , Sakkara, Memphis, Egyptian Museum and Old Cairo tours.
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3 Day Luxor City Tour

$ 280.00
3 Days Luxor city tour, 2 nights Luxor Egypt vacation packages to wander the East and West Bank temples and tombs. Two nights city sightseeing trips with accommodation, airport or train station return transfers included.
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4 Days Cairo Egypt Vacation Packages

$ 295.00
3 nights Cairo Egypt vacation packages, 4 day Egypt budget tours to visit Cairo unique attractions with accommodation, airport transfers included and day trips. Stroll Giza Pyramids, Sphinx , Sakkara, Memphis, Egyptian Museum and Old Cairo.
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5 Day Trip to Cairo Egypt

$ 330.00
Cairo 5 Days break in Cairo. 4 nights cheap holiday packages to Cairo Egypt to enjoy Cairo city sightseeing tour including accommodation and airport return transfers. Visit Giza Pyramids, Sphinx, Sakkara, Memphis, Egyptian Museum, Old Cairo and Alexandria.
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5 Day Egypt Adabted Friendly Vacation

$ 375.00
Discover the Pharaonic sites in Cairo and around. Adabted friendly 5 Day Luxor and Cairo holidays to Visit Giza Pyramids Old Cairo Coptic & Islamic Sights, Tahrir Square & National Museum Disabled Egypt Travel Packages.
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4 Day Abu Simbel & Luxor Vacation Packages

$ 460.00
4 Days vacation packages, 3 nights Luxor Egypt holidays to visit Luxor East & West Bank attractions. You will also explore Aswan city sightseeing and the charming temples of Abu Simbel iwth accomodation and transfers included.
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4 Days [4 Seasons Hotel] Holiday in Cairo Egypt

$ 545.00
4 days Luxury Holiday in Cairo Egypt, 3 nights short break in Cairowith accommodation in 4 Seasons Cairo Hotel with airport transfers and visits to Giza Pyramids, Sphinx, Sakkara, Memphis, Egyptian Museum & Old Cairo.
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5 Day Luxor and Cairo Holidays

$ 675.00
Great 5 day trip to Egypt package, 4 nights history filled experience in Egypt most known cities. Luxor and Cairo holidays exploring the greatness of Old Cairo and Giza. Fly to Luxor to immerse yourself in amazing discovery to temples, tombs and monuments of ancient Egypt.
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6 Days Cairo & Baharyia Oasis Tour

$ 750.00
Explore Egypt Ancient sightseeing Giza Pyramids, Cairo and the Western Desert of Egypt in 06 Days Egypt desert safari. Cheap deals to Egypt Bahariya Oasis, White and Black Desert. Safari to Agabat and Desert Rose Desert.
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8 Days Giza Pyramids and Nile Cruise

$ 799.00
Spend Classic 8 Days trip in Egypt 7 nights Nile Cruise and stay holidays all inclusive visiting famous tourist attractions, start with Cairo and Giza sightseeing tours then get sleeper train to Upper Egypt. Nile cruise sailing the Nile between Luxor & Aswan in comfort and budget.
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8 Day Cairo and Nile Cruise Package

$ 895.00
8 day Egypt tour packages, 7 nights cheap holidays to Egypt touring the famous sightseeing in Cairo and Giza then fly to Upper Egypt to board first class Nile cruise sailing on river Nile between Luxor & Aswan in comfort.
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8 Day Cairo to Abu Simbel Tour

$ 945.00
Tour Egypt Pyramids and more in 8 days cheap package holidays to Egypt. 7 Nights package trip to Egypt best attractions for the budget conscious travelers. Tour Cairo and Giza famous wonders, visit Luxor both banks then proceed to experience Aswan & Abu Simbel sightseeing places.
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5 Day Tour to Siwa Oasis From Cairo

$ 999.00
5 days Egypt Adventure holidays to Siwa Oasis from Cairo to Explore the Charm of Egypt Western Desert. Cairo Egypt package deals to Visit Siwa house Museum, Alexander Temples, Cleopatra Bath in Siwa and surrounding area
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12 Day Cairo, Nile Cruise & Hurghada

$ 1,035.00
12 day cheap holidays to Egypt, 11 nights escorted tours Egypt to Explore the wonders of Egypt in Cairo then Sail the Nile onboard luxury Nile Cruise from Luxor to Aswan tours and enjoy the leisure in Red Sea coast..
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5 Days Sahara Desert Safari Trip

$ 1,099.00
Explore the Western Desert of Egypt in 5 Days Egypt Adventure tours, 4 nights Egypt vacation packages to Gara Cave and Egypt Oasis of Farafra, Bahariya Oasis. Deep Insight to White and Black Desert, Agabat and Desert Rose Safari From Cairo, Egypt.
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10 Day Cairo and Nile Cruise Package

$ 1,165.00
Book 10 days Egypt Pyramids tour, 9 nights cheap holidays in Egypt touring all major historical sites and attractions of Cairo, Giza and Alexandria. Then board one of the 5 stars Nile Cruise Luxor and Aswan. .
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10 Day Nile Cruise and Stay

$ 1,190.00
Enjoy 10 days Nile Cruise and stay holiday, 9 nights Egypt Pyramid tour packages with luxury Nile cruise from Luxor to Aswan stopping at the West Bank of Luxor, sail to Edfu then to Kom Ombo, Aswan amazing sightseeing attractions to Abu Simbel temples then end with Lake Nasser cruise to Aswan & Abu Simbel.
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8 Day Pyramids and Nile Cruise Package

$ 1,199.00
8 days private guided tours of Egypt, 7 nights Egypt holiday deals to tour privately all famous historical spots in Cairo, Giza and Alexandria. Board one of the luxurious 5 stars Nile Cruise Luxor Aswan to admire the magic of ancient Egypt.
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8 Day MS Amarco I Disabled Friendly Nile Cruise

$ 1,225.00
Get relaxed and refreshed with luxury disabled MS Amarco I Nile cruise sailing the River Nile between Luxor & Aswan including personal guided sightseeing. Trips Everything is specially tailored for you from arrival to departure.
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10 Day Egypt Wheelchair Friendly Trip

$ 1,250.00
10 days tours in Egypt for disabled travelers to famous historical sites in Cairo, Giza Pyramids, Alexandria and Luxor. Egypt holiday packages to explore the Red Sea in Hurghada to enjoy the charming views of the Red Sea marine life.
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10 Day Egypt and Jordan Travel Package

$ 1,295.00
10 days Egypt and Jordan tours budget to visit the tourist attractions in all major cities in Egypt and jordan. 9 nights Egypt and Petra tours to Cairo, Giza then fly to Luxor and Aswan, board Luxury Nile Cruise then Continue be ferry boat to spend some of your precious time in Jordan.
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12 Days Egypt and Dubai Tours Packages

$ 1,320.00
Enjoy 11 nights Dubai Egypt package touring the wonders of ancient Egypt and UAE. 12 days Cairo and Dubai tours to explore the greatness of ancient Egypt with River Nile cruise then fly to Emirates, Book Egypt Dubai tour packages Now !
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12 Day Cairo, Nile Cruise & Sharm El Sheikh

$ 1,390.00
Book this 12 days Egypt holiday packages, 11 nights travel to Egypt tours to wander Egypt attractions, immerse yourself in various historical ages in Cairo then enjoy Nile cruise sailing between Luxor and Aswan then end your trip at leisure in Sharm El Sheikh.
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15 Days Travel to Egypt and Morocco

$ 1,444.00
Book Egypt and Morocco tour for 14 nights, 2 weeks Morocco and Egypt vacation to explore the history of North Africa through the wonders of ancient Morocco & Egypt. 15 days Morocco Egypt trip to discover the beauty of Morocco nature, imperial cities & the greatness of ancient Egypt.
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8 Day Egypt New Year Tour

$ 1,465.00
Book 8 days 7 nights Xmas trip to Egypt and enjoy touring the major historical sites and attractions of Lower and Upper Egypt. Explore Cairo then board Aswan to Luxor Cruise. New Year holiday offer takes your closer to the magic of Egypt ancient history.
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12 Days Turkey and Egypt Tour Packages

$ 1,480.00
Book best of Turkey Egypt Tours in a combined 12 day Turkey and Egypt tours package exploring Giza Pyramids, Nile cruise Luxor Aswan before flying to Turkey for a history filled experience in Istanbul and much more.
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10 Day Egypt Wheelchair Accessible Tour

$ 1,535.00
An exciting 10 days Egypt tour tailored especially for disabled travelers, 9 nights Egypt tour packages take you to the famous sights in Cairo and Giza, travel to Alexandria, fly to Luxor & Aswan. Explore every sight of interest with helper every where.
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12 Day Egypt and Jordan Itinerary

$ 1,635.00
Book This 11 Nights Egypt and Jordan combined travel package. 12 day Cairo Petra tour to Visit the tourist attractions in Egypt and Jordan. Experience Middle East touring the highlight of ancient Egyptwith Nile Cruise, Sinai and Jordan.
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12 Day Cairo to Abu Simbel Trip Package

$ 1,690.00
12 days Nile Cruise and stay holidays in Egypt, 12 nights Egypt guided tours to Explore Giza Pyramids and Old Cairo, fly to Luxor & sail the majestic river Nile. Proceed to Abu Simbel with Lake Nasser cruise in history and entertainment filled itinerary.
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10 Day Christmas Tour to Egypt

$ 1,715.00
Book 10 day 9 nights Christmas tour to Egypt. Cairo, Nile cruise and stay Hurghada Red Sea holiday package in Xmas vacation. Visit Cairo, giza Pyramids then fly to Aswan to board 5 star luxury Nile cruise all inclusive then enjoy the coast of the Red Sea in Hurghada for 3 day before flying back home.
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14 Days Nile Valley & Sahara Desert Safari

$ 1,775.00
14 Days Nile cruise and stay all inclusive package, 2 weeks adventure travel Egypt firstly to the top sightseeing places followed by an amazing adventure to western Desert and Oasis. Ends with Nile Cruise Holiday Sailing the Nile River from Luxor to Aswan.
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12 Days Nile Valley & Sahara Desert Safari

$ 1,790.00
Safari trips in Egypt for 12 Days, 11 nights Egypt travel packages to Cairo & Giza. Nile Cruise Holiday Sailing the Nile River from Luxor & Aswan. Continue with an Amazing Adventure to Bahariya Oasis, Dakhla, Farafra and Kharga Oasis.
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14 Days Egypt and Jordan Combined Tours

$ 1,999.00
Tour best of Egypt and Jordan tourist attractions in 14 Day combined Egypt Jordan Travel package. 13 nights Pyramids and Petra tours to explore Cairo, cruise the Nile, experience Sinai and the red Sea. Fly to Jordan to visit Petra, Amman, Wadi rum and the Dead Sea.
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14 Days Egypt Jordan Jerusalem Tours

$ 2,275.00
Book now Jerusalem Jordan Egypt Itinerary for 14 day and enjoy Jerusalem Jordan Egypt tour packages to explore the best of Cairo, Giza Pyramids, Nile Cruise Luxo Aswan, Sharm El Seikh, Sinai and Red Sea coral then head to Jerusalem, Petra, Wadi rum & Dead Sea.
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