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For many tourists, a luxury Nile cruise is on the top of their travel wishlist. However, if you are not one of those lucky travelers to have booked a luxury cruise, you may be wondering what it takes to get the most out of your luxury Nile cruises. We will give you here all the needed information on how to book a luxury Nile cruise.

A luxury Nile cruise ship offers luxurious surroundings for an ultimate vacation experience. The famous riverboat cruise ships in Egypt are known for providing some of the best luxury cruises in the world. Onboard the ship, guests will experience the traditional Egyptian culture, including a signature lunch of shawarma and kebabs accompanied by desert cuisine that includes hummus and baba ghanouj. The evening entertainment on a luxury Nile river cruise ship is impeccable; in fact, there are so many events on a typical luxury Nile cruise ship during the evening that it would take days to list them all!

There are so many routes for the typical luxury Nile river cruises. The standard Nile cruise Luxor Aswan takes you for a 3 to 8 days trip between these two ancient cities; there is also a smaller luxury Nile cruise boat called Dahabiyas. The Dahabiya do quite the same itinerary but in a smaller boat with less group size. People fond of the Nubian monuments can cruise on Lake Nasser between Aswan and Abu Simbel.

The biggest highlight on a luxury Nile river cruise offers to visitors is the chance to lie on top of the shimmering Nile River as you take in the magnificent view of the Egyptian landscape and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Luxor or Aswan. Luxor and Aswan are two of the largest cities in Egypt and are located along the Nile River.

The vast majority of tourists who travel to Egypt often tour the mystical and historic Pyramids of Giza and the Valley of the Kings. They also often visit the Karnak Temples and the Luxor Temple. Onboard an Egypt cruise ship, it is always possible for guests to spend some time in the tourist areas while onboard to better understand Egypt's ancient teachings and culture.

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