Safaga Shore Excursions

Safaga Shore Excursions
Book Safaga Shore Trips. Safaga Tours to Luxor and Karnak Temples with Felucca Ride in the River Nile. Visit the Valley Of Kings, Luxor East & West Banks. Book the Red Sea Submarine and Snorkeling Excursions From Safaga Port, Egypt.

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Giftun Island Trip From Safaga Port

$ 75.00
Explore the best of the Red sea marine life in Giftun Island by snorkeling yacht to relax, soak up the sun and swim in Red Sea crystal clear water. Book Safaga Port Trip to Giftun Island, Snorkeling Tour By Boat to Explore Wonders of the Red Sea Marine Life Excursion From Safaga port.
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Hurghada Submarine Excursion From Safaga Port

$ 85.00
Wander the wonders of the Red Sea underwater world with NO swimming required ! Board the Semi Submarine for an unforgettable underwater excursion from Safaga port.
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Luxor Day Trip From Safaga Port

$ 115.00
Quick visit to Luxor East and West banks temples and tombs. Book Safaga Port Trip to Luxor. Tour to Hatshepsut, Karnak Temples & Valley of Kings Excursion From Safaga Port. You may join (2-25 perons) group only with 105 Usd.
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2 Days Luxor Trip From Safaga Port

$ 235.00
Overnight excursion for cruise ships passengers docking in Safaga. Book 2 Days Safaga Port Trip to Luxor. Overnight Tour to Karnak Temple, Hatshebsut Temples and the Valley of Kings Excursion From Safaga Port . You may join (2-25 perons) group only with 210 Usd.
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Luxor Wheelchair Trip From Safaga Port

$ 250.00
Book Luxor Wheelchair Accessible Trips to Luxor. Tour to  Karnak Temples, Valley of Kings and River Nile Felucca Excursion From Safaga Port, Egypt.
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