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Egypt offers the visitor the opportunity to spend few fantastic days on the Nile River. These four-day Nile cruises will take you through the incredible ancient site of Aswan and the world-famous Luxor, both just 3 hours from each other by road but days by Nile cruise. There are many exciting sights to see here. The ancient city of Aswan is also an excellent site to visit, famous for its temples, tombs, and spice trade. Tourists usually a 4 day Nile cruise from Aswan to Luxor.

When visiting Luxor, you will want to spend your time at the museums. You will find the Luxor Museum in the center of Luxor. This is an excellent site to see for anyone interested in the history of ancient Egypt looking at some very early Egyptian artifacts.

The other part of Luxor, the West Bank, is also worth exploring. Luxor Western bank of the Nile is a great place to go for sightseeing, with tens of ancient tombs and temples to see. You can spend days wandering the Valley of the Kings, Hatshepsut temple, Valley of Queens, and the Colossi of Memnon.

You can visit Luxor when taking a cruise from Aswan. In the Eastern bank of Luxor, there is also much to enjoy. The Sound and light show in Karnak temple by night, sightseeing in Luxor temple with a visit to Luxor Museum. Otherwise, why not just stroll the streets of the old town of Luxor. Luxor local markets are selling a variety of worth buying souvenirs to buy for family and friends.

From Aswan, you can take a cruise to Luxor and vice versa. You will find many cruise ships, from classic to small boat Nile cruise. Many of them are family-friendly and cheap. You can book a luxurious Nile cruise with a sightseeing program included. You will find all basic amenities, bar, bazaar, gym, sundeck, reading areas, and swimming pools on board your Nile cruise ship. You can spend from 3 nights to 7 nights onboard your all-inclusive Nile cruise eating, swimming, or going for a day trip. The Nile cruise is the best option to wander the attractions of ancient Egypt in comfort while there are always fascinating places around you can visit.

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