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Cruising on Lake Nasser allows you to experience both the ideal combination of relaxing onboard an elegant luxury cruise liner and exploring the rich ancient cultural heritage of modern-day Egypt. The calm and idyllic calm of the lakefront district of Lake Nasser, which lies behind the Hight dam in the southern part of Egypt, is truly a feast for the eyes.

The calm and tranquil shoreline of picturesque Lake Nasser offers visitors a chance to witness the less-known attractions of ancient Egypt. The peace and tranquility of Lake Nasser have also earned it the unique distinction of being one of the most popular destinations among Egypt tours. Thus we highlight this fact for we offer Egypt cruise packages for this region.

We also a range of luxury Lake Nasser cruise ships for those who wish to witness the true beauty of this mesmerizing part of the world more affordably and comfortably.

A typical cruise on Egypt's Lake Nasser offers visitors a chance to witness the unspoiled beauty of the Nile, which echoes the beauty of the many ancient Egyptian temples. Along with this, cruises also visit Abu Simbel temples and other key archaeological sites.

Some of the most popular attractions in Egypt are present in the Lake Nasser cruise itinerary, temples in Aswan, and Abu Simbel. The temple of Philae on Isis Island is a must-see besides the unfinished obelisk of Queen Hatshepsut and Kalabsha temple. The High dam, Aghakhan mausoleum, and the Nubian village are also included in Aswan city tours.

The itineraries of Lake Nasser cruises usually include visits to these important landmarks. The most prominent attraction in Abu Simbel is the Great temples of Abu Simbel for King Ramses the second and his wife Nefertari, which is 350 Km south of Aswan.

Lake Nasser is another magnificent destination in Egypt that is visited regularly by tourists. It is an artificial lake situated in southern Egypt on the border with Sudan. Lake Nasser is considered to be one of the largest and deepest lakes in all of Africa. The beautiful Lake Nasser yacht cruise is an excellent travel experience that you would memorize.

Lake Nasser is a popular tourist spot because of the enchanting scenery that can be found there. The beautiful city of Aswan is just north of Lake Nasser and is another excellent destination in Egypt that is a must-see when taking a Lake Nasser cruise. If you have never visited Egypt, you should definitely consider taking a Lake Nasser cruise.

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