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Browse Our Dahabiya Cruise List For Budget and Luxury Dahabiya Nile Cruise. Range of Private and Group Dahabiya Cruise Aswan to Luxor [Ms Amoura - Merit - SAI - Princess Donia - Judi - Sonesta Amirat], Escorted Dahabiya Nile River Cruise Itinerary With Sightseeing. Find and Book Best Dahabiya Nile Cruise Online Now!

A Dahabiya Nile Cruise offers the charm of the old with modern convenience and comfort. It is a leisurely means for passage between Aswan and Luxor. It brings together breath-taking sightseeing, comfortable sailing, delightful traditional meals, and personalized attention to every passenger. Life onboard a Dahabiya Nile cruises is idyllic and peaceful. Enjoy the hospitality of crew and passengers alike and take pleasure in Egypt's sights, sounds, and tastes. The most important thing is to savor the experience of sailing through the beautiful Nile and feel the tranquility on board. Dahabiya cruise has an array of dining options, entertainment activities to please everyone.

The itinerary of the dahabiya cruise includes the famous ancient Egyptian cities like Luxor, Aswan, and Esna. You can also go to Abu Simbel by way of this cruise and enjoy the beautiful temples of Abu Simbel. The Dahabiya Nile cruise boats, which sail along the Nile, are fully equipped with all amenities for the passengers for a pleasant Nile cruising experience.

A traditional dahabiya Nile cruise begins at the famous Luxor, Aswan, or Esna port. You will enjoy some traditional Egyptian meals onboard Dahabiya cruise buffet. You can choose from a wide assortment of local Egyptian dishes or have one of the many available international meals. The night on board you can enjoy parties, music as well as dancing.

Once you have booked your luxury Dahabiya cruise package, your offer includes sharing sightseeing tours with the Dahabiya Nile cruise group. Your tour itinerary includes a professional tour guide who will take you for sightseeing and optional a short boat ride down the river Nile. If you are looking for a unique and exciting tour into Egypt, this is it! The journey allows you to view many sites, including the Luxor Temple complex, ancient tombs such as Tutankamun, and much more. Your Egypt Dahabiya cruise also takes you to the famous Valley of the Kings as well as Abu Simbel temples, where you can relive the glory of Ramses the second life.

The Dahabiya Nile cruise takes you to Aswan. It is another cradle of the Egyptian civilization and a vital trading way between Egypt and Africa. You will have the opportunity to explore the ancient sites of Kalabsha temple, Philae temple on Isis Island, the Unifished obelisk of Queen Hatshepsut, where you will learn about the techniques of how the ancient Egyptian made such giant obelisks.

When planning your Dahabiya Nile Cruise, be sure to ask for your itinerary to include all possible must-do visits. A Dahabiya Nile Cruise will leave a lasting impression on not only you but your family as well, and you will cherish the memories for a lifetime.
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