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Egypt Tour Packages offers various travel deals and Egypt itinerary that would suit everyone's purpose. Egypt being one of the popular destinations of the world offers you an abundance of things to do, places to visit, and things to see; so what are you waiting for? Egypt is certainly a place where you can find everything you want to fulfill your desire of a perfect and exciting holiday.

The Egypt tour packages offered by various tour operators and travel agents in Egypt allow you to make the most out of your holidays at a very low cost. No matter whether you wish to spend five days Egypt touring, ten days Egypt touring or even twenty days Egypt touring, Egypt has it all for you.

An Egypt Tour Package is the ultimate choice for your perfect Egypt Tour. Egypt is now a fast emerging tourist destination, so booking your tour is not a problem at all. Cairo, one of the most important Egyptian cities, is one of the best places to start your Egypt Tour. You can spend your Egypt tour either between Cairo and Alexandria or you can also spend it between Cairo and Luxor the biggest city of Egypt.

Your Egypt Tour Package would take you to Cairo, the biggest city of Egypt, where you will find the Egyptian Museum, Giza Pyramids, Sakkara, and Old Cairo. These are some of the famous landmarks and tourist attractions of Cairo. Which will add more color to your perfect five days in Egypt Tour.

After visiting all these important tourist destinations and attractions of Cairo, your Egypt tour packages would take you to Luxor. Luxor is one of the largest cities of Egypt and is famous for its ancient temples, hotels, and the colorful street markets. You will get the opportunity to spend your days in Luxor shopping at its busy markets. Egypt tour itinerary should include a trip to Luxor city for the traditional Luxor monuments.

Your Egypt tour package will take you directly to the Luxor temples and the Temple of Luxor. You can either stay in one of the Luxor hotels that are located in this region or you may choose to visit other Luxor hotels which are just a few steps away from the Temple of Luxor. The Luxor Museum is the main attraction of Luxor, which houses a great collection of artifacts. You will definitely enjoy this part of your Egypt tour.

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5 Day Itinerary Cairo

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