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Hurghada Day Excursions

  • Fantasia 1001 Nights Show & Dinner

    Fantasia Nights Tours in Hurghada

    Fantasia 1001 Show at Alf Leila We Leila in Hurghada is unique for its spacious theatre of 2500 audience who are offered a spectacle, depicting life in ancient Egypt and other Folkloric ariental shows.

    $ 25.00 Tour Available

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  • Bedouin BBQ By 4x4 Jeep

    Sunset Jeep Safari Tours in Hurghada

    Sunset Jeep Expedition with BBQ Bedouin Dinner in Hurghada. Enjoy 4x4 Land Cruiser to the Missing Parts of Egypt to Wander the Beauty of Egypt's deserts with Folkloric show and camel ride.

    $ 31.00 Tour Available

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  • Mahmaya: Giftun Island Snorkeling Cruise

    Giftun Island Cruise Trips in Hurghada

    Nothing to worry about in this leisurely cruise to Giftun Island from Hurghada. Enjoy this relaxing day soaking up the sun,  swimming and snorkeling in the crystal clear waters of the Red Sea.

    $ 33.00 Tour Available

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  • Quadrunner and Bedouin Dinner

    Sunset Quad Biking Tours in Hurghada

    Combine adventure and culture with the desert Bedouins viewing the awesome desert sunset as your backdrop, move to the Bedouin tent for dinner with Folkloric oriental show .

    $ 45.00 Tour Available

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  • Sharm El-Naga Bay Snorkeling Trip

    Sharm Al Naga Bay Trips in Hurghada

    Enjoy a day of relaxation on the coast of the Red Sea in Sharm El Naga. An amazing experience for people who love jumping in water to wander the coral reefs and colored fishes from Hurghada.

    $ 65.00 Tour Available

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  • Sinbad Submarine Excursion

    Hurghada Submarine Excursions

    Explore the wonders of the underwater world of the Red Sea without getting wet! Board the Submarine to discover the Red sea coral reef & colored fishes in Hurghada.

    $ 66.00 Tour Available

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  • Tours to Karnak Luxor Temples Tours From Hurghada

    Luxor Day Trips By Road From Hurghada

    Travel with AC modern private van to Luxor East and West Banks Sightseeing places. Wander the Karnak, Hatshepsut Temples, Memnon Colossi & Valley Of Kings From Hurghada.

    $ 99.00 Tour Available

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  • 2 Days Tours to Karnak Luxor Overnight Tours Hurghada

    Luxor 2 Days Road Tours From Hurghada

    Experience the Valley of the Kings, Valley of the kings, Colossi of Memnon and the Karnak Impressive Temples Wth Felucca ride in the River Nile in Days Road Travel From Hurghada.

    $ 217.00 Tour Available

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  • Cairo Over Day trip by plane

    Cairo Day Excursions From Hurghada

    Travel by plane from hurghada with private sightseeing to wander the Great Pyramids, Sphinx and the Valley temple, the National Egyptian Museum, Coptic Churches, Islamic Cairo & Khan El Khalili Bazaars.

    $ 229.00 Tour Available

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  • 2 Days Cairo by plane Sightseeing tour from Hurghada

    Cairo Overnight Trips From Hurghada

    Overnight Sightseeing Air Travel to Giza Pyramids, Egyptian Museum & Old Cairo. Spend Some of Your Precious Vacation Time Exploring the Wonders of among Cairo Pharonic, Coptic and Islamic Sights.

    $ 385.00 Tour Available

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  • Cairo Luxor Budget Travel Package From Hurghada

    Cairo & Luxor Budget Trips From Hurghada

    Private Budget 02 Days to Cairo, Giza Pyramids and Luxor. Depart Daily From Hurghada Hotels to Visit the Pyramids, Egyptian Museum, Karnak Temples, Valley of Kings Excursions From Hurghada.

    $ 390.00 Tour Available

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  • Cairo & Luxor By Plane

    Luxor & Cairo Air Tours From Hurghada

    Round Air Travel Package to Cairo, Giza Pyramids and Luxor From Hurghada. Explore the great pharaohs temple and tombs in private visiting the Great Pyramids, Egyptian Museum, karnak temples & the Valley of Kings.

    $ 450.00 Tour Available

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