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Ein El Sokhna Excursions, Tours, Trips From Sokhna Port

Travel to the fabulous sites in Cairo, Giza & Alexandria from your cruise ship arriving at Ein El Sokhna port. Fill your few hours in Egypt with exotic sights, sounds and scents of Pharaonic temples and tombs. Explore Cairo must see sites, Local life style, Giza Pyramids & Sphinx. Tour Alexandria sightseeing, Alexandria library, Catacombs & roman theatre before getting back to your ship.
  • Cairo one day trip from Sokhna Port

    Giza pyramids & Cairo Day Tour From El Sokhna Port

    El Sokhna Shore excursions to Giza and CairoShore Excursions, Tours To Giza Pyramids, Sphinx, Egyptian Museum. Felucca On The Nile. Trips to Cairo From Ein El Soukhna Port to discover Giza Plateau, Great Pyramid of Cheops, middle pyramids of Chephren, the little one of Mykerinos and mysterious Sphinx,the valley temple, Museum of Egyptian Antiquities.

    $ 125.00 Available

  • Pyramids one day trip from Ein El Sokhna port

    Giza Pyramids Safari Trip By Buggy From El Sokhna

    We would like enhance your cruise by taking a private tour from Ein El Sokhna port with private guide to discover the ancient Pharaonic temples and historical sights of Egypt. Pyramids Adventure tours, Safari excursions with 4*4 jeep, Camel ride and horse ride trips at Giza Pyramids and Sakkara. Pay a visit to Giza Pyramids, Sakkara & Memphis.

    $ 178.00 Available

  • Wheelchair Excursions From El Soukna Port

    Cairo & Pyramids Disabled Tours From El Sokhna

    Ein El Soukhna - Cairo Wheelchair trips, Accessible shore excursions and disabled day tours in Egypt from Ein El Soukhna port especially planned for wheelchair, slow walkers, disabled and senior travelers to visit most of Cairo sightseeing, Giza Pyramids, Sakkara, Memphis, Egyptian Museum and Old Cairo from your Accessible cruises calling at Ein El...

    $ 185.00 Available

  • Cairo two days trip from Ein El Sokhna port shore excursion

    2 Days Giza Pyramids & Cairo Tour From El Sokhna

    Cairo 2 days Tours from Ein El Soukhna port. Especially designed for who want something really different and to know more about the ancient Egyptian history. Overnight Shore excursion for cruise ships passengers arriving to Ein El Sokhna port to get the best of Cairo in 2 days sightseeing tour to the Pyramids of Giza, Memphis, Sakkara , Egyptian museum...

    $ 255.00 Available