Taba Excursions

Taba Excursions
Travel to the Fabulous Sites in Sinai, Egypt From Taba Border Or Your Hotel in Taba, Enjoy Taba Snorkeling Tours in Pharoah isand, Petra and Wadi Rum Sightseeing Trips in Jordan, Moses Mountain, St. Catherine Monastery and Colored Canyon in Nuweiba Jeep Safari Trip From Taba, Sinai, Egypt.

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Red Sea Snorkeling Cruise Tour in Taba

$ 60.00
Full day snorkeling yacht excursion to explore the beauty of the Red Sea coral reef and colored fishes from Taba. No similar tour in Taba or the Red Sea would give you the same relaxation or entertainment.
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Moses Mountain Night Hiking Tour From Taba

$ 99.00
Excursion to Explore the fantastic sunrise at the summit Of monte Siani referred in biblical terms as it is said that God delivered the 10 Commandments to Moses. You will also wander the St. Catherine Monastery sightseeing.
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Sinai Colored Canyon Jeep Trip From Taba

$ 110.00
Taba expedition to the Colored Canyon in Nuwibaa from Taba with 4*4 Land Cruiser into Sinai desert. Enjoy 2 hours hiking excursion through the amazing rock formations, colors and the extraordinary Bedouin life style in Sinai.
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Jordan Day Excursion to Petra From Taba

$ 395.00
Excursions to Visit the Great Treasury (Al-Khazneh Farun), the Roman Theatre, the Royal Tombs, tricliniums, and obelisks, the hill of Al-Habis as well as hundreds of monument in Petra from Taba.
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