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Middle East Tours Packages

  • 12 Days Travel to Egypt Dubai Trips Package

    12 Days Egypt & Emirates Holidays Deal

    Enjoy the Middle East through the wonders of ancient Egypt civilizations and UAE famous Dubai city. 12 days exploring the greatness of ancient Egypt with River Nile cruise then fly to Emirates to wander Dubai tourist attractions.

    $ 1,750.00 Available

  • Egypt Jordan Luxury 11 Nights Holidays

    12 Days Egypt & Jordan Holidays Package

    Navigate the history of the Middle East. Experience the mystery of ancient Egypt & Jordan civilizations. Explore the mysterious greatness of the pharaohs then to the exquisite monuments in Petra & Amman.

    $ 1,750.00 Available

  • Best of Egypt Turkey Holidays Package

    12 Days Egypt & Turkey Tours Itinerary

    Best of Egypt and Turkey tourist attractions in a combined  package for 12 days exploring Giza Pyramids, cruise the Nile between Luxor and Aswan before flying to Turkey for a history filled experience.

    $ 1,899.00 Available

  • Egypt Jordan 11 Nights Holidays Package

    12 Days Egypt & Jordan Tours Offer

    Visit the tourist attractions in Egypt and Jordan. 12 Days of Middle East Experience touring the highlight of ancient Egypt boarding Nile Cruise then spend time in Sinai and explore Jordan landmarks.

    $ 1,975.00 Available

  • Egypt Jordan 10 Nights Holidays Package

    10 Days Egypt & Jordan Trips Itinerary

    Visit tourist attractions in all major cities in Egypt. Tour Cairo, Giza then fly to Luxor and Aswan, board Luxury Nile Cruise then Continue be ferry boat to spend some of your precious time in Jordan.

    $ 1,990.00 Available

  • Egypt Turkey Luxury 14 Nights Holidays Package

    15 Days Egypt & Turkey Travel Offer

    Givie yourself a great oriental taste vacation. Knock on Pharos doors in Giza, cruise the River Nile from Luxor and Aswan then fly to Istanbul where you will immerse yourself in a Turkish flavor experience.

    $ 2,290.00 Available

  • Best of Egypt Jordan Tour Packages

    14 Days Egypt & Jordan Tours Package

    Best of Egypt and Jordan tourist attractions in a combined  package for 14 days. Explore Cairo, cruise the Nile, experience Sinai and the red Sea. Fly to Jordan to visit Petra, Amman, Wadi rum and the Dead Sea.

    $ 2,335.00 Available

  • 15 Days Travel to Egypt Morocco Trip Package

    15 Days Egypt & Morocco Trips Package

    Explore the history of North Africa through the wonders of ancient Morocco & Egypt civilizations. 15 days to discovery vacation to the beauty of Morocco nature mixed with historical imperial cities & the greatness of ancient Egypt with River Nile cruise.

    $ 2,345.00 Available

  • Egypt Jordan Leisure 14 Nights Tour Holidays

    15 Days Egypt & Jordan Travel Deal

    Visit tourist attractions in Cairo and Giza then board Nile Cruise from Luxor to Aswan. Fly to Sinai for short stay then continue by ferry boat to visit Petra, Amman, Jerash and Wadi Rum.

    $ 2,525.00 Available

  • Egypt Jordan Jerusalem 14 Days Travel Packages

    14 Days Middle East Tours Itinerary

    Book now and get the chance to explore the best of Egypt with Nile Cruise, fly to Sinai to enjoy the Red Sea coral reefs and Sharm Bedouin life before starting the history filled time in Jerusalem, Petra, Wadi rum & Dead Sea.

    $ 2,790.00 Available

  • Egypt Jordan Jerusalem Turkey Travel Packages

    18 Days Middle East Holidays Offer

    Egypt charming history, Jordan beauty of nature with deep history roots, Jerusalem religious smell and the unique mixture of modernity and antiquity in Turkey.

    $ 3,790.00 Available