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Aswan Sightseeing Day Tours

  • Philae Temple Sound and Light Show night trip

    Philae Temple Sound & Light Show Trip in Aswan

    Aswan night tour to attend Sound & Light show magical experience in Philae temple on Isis island where Philae temple is situated. Enjoy the multimedia presentations, walk through the dramatically lit temple while history is narrated.

    $ 30.00 Tour Available

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  • St. Simeon Monastery Day Trips in Aswan

    St. Simeon Monastery Day Trip in Aswan

    Three hours of sightseeing in Aswan to uncover the structures and history behind the monastery of St. Simeon. Known also as Anba Hatre then get back to your hotel or Nile cruise.

    $ 35.00 Tour Available

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  • Nubian Village Tour by Motorboat in Aswan

    Nubian Village Tour by Motorboat in Aswan

    Get the Motorboat to enjoy the River Nile views and to meet the Nubians in Soheil Island Nubian Village. Meet them and learn about the nubian life style.

    $ 40.00 Tour Available

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  • Aswan Tours Philae Unfinished Obelisk High Dam Tours

    Aswan City Sightseeing Day Tour

    Day trip of sightseeing in Aswan city. From the top of the High Dam you will wander Lake Nasser, Kalabsha temple in the south, the huge power station to north & the Unfinished Obelisk.

    $ 45.00 Tour Available

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  • Nubian Museum & Kalabsha Temple Trips in Aswan

    Nubian Museum & Kalabsha Temple Trip in Aswan

    Book this 6 hours sightseeing tours in Aswan to wander the Nubian culture and artifacts displayed in the Nubian Museum then visit the 30 BC temple of Kalabsha and get back to your hotel or Nile cruise.

    $ 45.00 Tour Available

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  • Edu & Kom Ombo private day trip from Aswan

    Edfu & Kom Ombo Tour From Aswan

    Enrich your experience while you are in Aswan and enjoy trip to Edfu temple dedicated to God Horus with short horse carriage then explore Kom Ombo majestic temple dedicated to Sobek.

    $ 50.00 Tour Available

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  • Luxor Sightseeing Day Tours From Aswan

    Luxor Sightseeing Day Tour From Aswan

    Reserve this full day excursion from Aswan hotels or Nile cruise to explore the wonders of Luxor. Visit the famed Valley of the Kings, the Colossi of Memnon and the temples of Queen Hatshebust, Luxor and Karnak.

    $ 80.00 Tour Available

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  • Abu Simbel Sightseeing Day By Road

    Abu Simbel Sightseeing Tour By Road From Aswan

    Trip by road to explore the 2 great temples of Ramsses II and his wife from Aswan. Drive for hours to wander the masterpieces of ancient Egypt temples.

    $ 85.00 Tour Available

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  • Private Tour Abu Simbel Flight and Tour from Aswan

    Abu Simbel Day Trip By Flight From Aswan

    Book the quick route tour to visit the temples of Abu Simbel with air travel from Aswan. Fly only for 30 minutes to explore Abu Simbel 2 temples of Ramsses II the masterpieces of ancient Egypt temples.

    $ 225.00 Tour Available

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  • Budget Tour By Plane To Abu Simbe From Aswan

    Abu Simbel 2 Days Adventure Tour From Aswan

    Book this 2 days tour package from Aswan and travel to spend a night enjoying safari on the road to Abu Simbel temples and overnight near the temple then return to Aswan.

    $ 350.00 Tour Available

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