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Luxor Sightseeing Day Tours

  • Karnak Night Sound & Light Show

    Sound & Light Show in Karnak Temple Trips

    Sound and Light Show experience in Karnak temples. An evening of Egyptian style entertainment to wander the beauty of this impressive temple and the various additions left illuminated against the night sky.

    $ 36.00 Available

  • Luxor East Bank Sightseeing

    Luxor East Bank Half Day Trips

    Book this afternoon journy to explore the East Bank of Luxor. Visit the impressive Karnak and walk along the Avenue of Sphinx, continue to Luxor temple to wander how Alexander the Great wrote himself into history.

    $ 46.00 Available

  • Quad Biking Safari Tour In Luxor

    Quad Biking Excursions in Luxor

    Want to do something different when you are in Luxor? Book our Quad Runner group trip into Luxor desert and Take the family in quad biking across the Egyptian desert for the ultimate adventure. It's an An adventure on a four wheels quad and ATV to discover the beauty of the sun set or sun rise in the desert.

    $ 59.00 Available

  • Luxor West Bank Valley of the Kings and Hatshepsut Temple

    Luxor West Bank Half Day Tours

    Explore the famous attractions in Luxor Western Bank of the River Nile. Step back into Egypt's ancient history exploring the Valley of Kings, tomb of King Tutankhamun, Colossi of Memnon & Hatshepsut Temple.

    $ 72.00 Available

  • Luxor Over Day Trip

    Luxor City Sightseeing Day Tours

    Wander the highlights of the East and West banks of the River Nile in Thebes. Sightseeing journey with qualified Egyptologist guide to explore the valley of kings, Karnak temples & much more of Luxor attractions.

    $ 72.00 Available

  • Full Day Trip To Dendara & Abydos

    Dendara & Abydos Tours From Luxor

    Luxor journey to Dendra & Abydos Temples of Hathor, Coptic Basilica and the sacred lake. Combine both sights in a morning of history in Dendara before stopping at Abydos, home to "The Cult of Osiris".

    $ 79.00 Available

  • West Bank With Horse Drawn Carriage

    Luxor Nile Cruise Tours to Dendra Temple

    Nile cruise to Dendra temple to combine history magic and nature beauty in this Nile Experience. Sail the River Nile to Dendra temple from Luxor for sightseeing day with lunch & tour guide of your own language.

    $ 90.00 Available

  • Day Excursion To Edu & Kom Ombo

    Kom Ombo & Edfu Trips From Luxor

    When you are in Luxor you would better get this chance to visit Edfu and Kom Ombo to maxmize your sightseeing in Egypt with this private journey by van expert Egyptologist guide.

    $ 95.00 Available

  • Hot Air Balloon Flight

    Hot Air Balloon Flight Tours in Luxor

    Book hot air balloon flight over the west bank for stunning views of Luxor temples of Karnak, Hatshepsut, Ramesseum and the Valley of Kings. Balloon flight in the skies of Egypt biggest open air museum.

    $ 99.00 Available

  • Abu Simbel Over Day Excursion

    Abu Simbel Sightseeing Tours From Luxor

    Wander the best of Egypt Pharonic temples and tombs While you are in Luxor. Book this sightseeing departs daily from your hotel to visit Abu Simbel temples and Aswan city.

    $ 220.00 Available

  • Flight Day Excursion To Cairo

    Cairo Flight Excursions From Luxor

    Luxor flight travel to discover The Pyramids of Cheops, Chephren and Mykerinus. Then proceed to visit the Great Sphinx, the Egyptian Museum. Old Coptic and Islamic attractions in Cairo.

    $ 290.00 Available

  • 03 Days Short Break in Luxor Sightseeing Travel Package

    3 Days Luxor Sightseeing Holidays Package

    Luxor 03 Days short Break to wander the East and West Bank temples and tombs. Two nights city sightseeing with accommodation, airport or train station return transfers included.

    $ 310.00 Available

  • El Minya 2 Days Tours From Luxor

    El Minya Overnight Trips From Luxor

    Book this great sightseeing journey from Luxor to explore Beni Hassan, Tuna El Gabal and Tel Amarna in El Mina historical attractions with overnight guided activity from Luxor, Egypt.

    $ 385.00 Available

  •  Kharga Dakhla 2 Nights Safari Trip From Luxor

    Kharga & Dakhla Trips From Luxor

    02 Nights travel with landcruiser to Kharga & Dakhla Oases from Luxor. Explore Dakhla and Kharga oases camping in the Western Desert of Egypt.

    $ 390.00 Available

  • Egypt 4 Days Tours to Luxor Aswan Abu Simbel Holiday

    4 Days Luxor Sightseeing Tours Package

    Luxor 04 Days short break to visit Luxor East & West Bank attractions. You will also explore Aswan city sightseeing and the charming temples of Abu Simbel iwth accomodation and transfers included.

    $ 495.00 Available