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Cairo Sightseeing Day Tours

  • Sound & Light Show at Giza Pyramids

    Giza Pyramids Sound & Light Night Trips in Cairo

    Don't miss this amazing night of entertainment attednig the world famous Pyramids Sound and Light Show at the Great Pyramids with private return transfer.

    $ 30.00 Available

  • Giza Plateau half day trip

    Giza Pyramids & Sphinx Day Trips

    Explore the attractions of ancient Egypt in Giza Plateau. Wander the Pyramids of king Cheops, Chefren, Mykerinus and the Great Sphinx. It is an amazing introduction to the ancient wonders of the world.

    $ 35.00 Available

  • Horse & Camel Ride in Giza Plateau

    Ride Camel & Horse in Giza pyramids Trips

    Enjoy this new experience while you are in Egypt. Arabian horse or camel ride getting around Giza plateau at sunrise or sunset time to wander the pyramids of Cheops, Chephren and Mykerinus.

    $ 45.00 Available

  • Lunch On Nile Cruising Restaurant

    Nile Cruise Dinner Trips in Cairo

    Book dinner cruise in Cairo Nile with oriental show aboard one of the most elegant cruising restaurants sailing the world's longest waterway with entertainment provided by a spectacular Folklore show.

    $ 45.00 Available

  • Memphis & Sakkara Half day Trip

    Memphis & Sakkara Excursions

    Travel to Sakkara Necropolis where stands proudly the oldest pyramid in Egypt of King Djoser then stop in Memphis open air museum, it was the the former capital of Egypt founded in 3100 BC.

    $ 55.00 Available

  • Tour to Wadi El Natroun Monasteries from Cairo

    Wadi El Natroun Trips From Cairo

    Visit Wadi El Natroun Monasteries from Cairo by private van. Drive to explore the actual birthplace for Christian monasticism. Wander the only 4 survived of about 50 monasteries into modern times.

    $ 60.00 Available

  • Tours to Egyptian Museum Coptic Islamic Cairo Tours

    Day Tours to Giza Pyramids & Egyptian Museum

    Explore the most famous landmarks in Cairo. Admire Giza Great Pyramids, Sphinx and the Egyptian Museum. Wander the Solar Boat Museum, treasures of King Tutankhamun and the mummies room.

    $ 70.00 Available

  • Tour to Memphis Sakkara Giza Pyramids Tours Cairo

    Memphis, Sakkara & Giza Pyramids Trips

    Step back to the days of ancient Egypt in private tour to the Great Pyramids of Giza & Sphinx. Explore the necropolis of Saqqara, Memphis, Ride camel or horse in Giza plateau and visit the Solar Boat museum.

    $ 80.00 Available

  • Alexandria Day Trip from Cairo

    Alexandria Sightseeing Trips From Cairo

    Travel to Alexandria to wander the Catacombs of Kom El Shokafa, Pompay's Pillar and Quitbay Citadel. Explore the second Capital of Egypt and The Pearl of the Mediterranean from Cairo.

    $ 80.00 Available

  • Tour the Coptic sites in Old Cairo

    St. Antony Monastery Trips From Cairo

    Visit Coptic Egypt attractions privately from Cairo. Explore St. Antony monastery and the rest of Coptic Monasteries in Zafarana 230 km From Cairo south of Suez City and the 45km west into Egypt Eastern Desert.

    $ 85.00 Available

  • Transite Tours From Cairo airport

    Transit Tours From Cairo Airport

    Book and give yourself the chance to discover the highlights of Cairo attractions. Visit Giza Pyramids, Sakkara, Egyptian Museum, Islamic and Coptic landmarks in Old Cairo From Cairo International Airport.

    $ 90.00 Available

  • Over Day Trip to Fayoum Oasis

    Wadi Al Rayan Day Tours From Cairo

    Travel to the oasis town of Fayoum which was the main place of worship of the crocodile god, Sobek. Wander Qaroon Lake, temples of Karanis then stop at the scenic Wadi Al Rian journey from Cairo.

    $ 90.00 Available

  • El Fayoum Pyramids Day Trip From Cairo

    Fayoum Pyramids Trips From Cairo

    Visit Egypt famous oasis of Fayoum in full day journey from Cairo to explore the Pyramids near Fayoum city. Wander Hawara, Lahun and Mydom Pyramids and stop at Dahshour Bent and Red Pyramids.

    $ 95.00 Available

  • Pyramids Adventure trip by Buggy

    Quad Biking Safari Trip in Giza Pyramids

    Get ready for this unique life adventure safari with quad bikes ride around the Pyramids of Giza, step Pyramid in Sakkara and Abu sir with dune buggy great experience of Cairo.

    $ 99.00 Available

  • Day Trip To El Minya From Cairo

    El Minya Sightseeing Day Trips From Cairo

    Great discovery outing from Cairo, Egypt. Get this chance for 4 hours with expert Egyptologist guide to visit Beni Hassan, Tuna El Gabal and Tel Amarna tombs in El Minya from Cairo, Egypt.

    $ 99.00 Available

  • El Alamein Alexandria Day Tour Trips From Cairo Egypt

    Alexandria & El Alamein Tours From Cairo

    Travel from Cairo to Admire Al Alamein World War Cemetries and Museum then Move Onto Alexandria City to Visit the Catacombs, Pompay's Pillar, Quitbay Citadel and the New Library.

    $ 99.00 Available

  • Cairo 02 Days Short City Breaks and Overnight Layover in Cairo

    Cairo 2 Days Stopover Tours Package

    Cairo overnight City Break to visit the city famous attractions. Spend 2 days with accommodation and airport transfers included to admire Giza Pyramids, Sphinx , Sakkara, Memphis, Egyptian Museum and Old Cairo.

    $ 170.00 Available

  • Overnight Safari At Bahariya & White Desert

    Bahariya Oasis & White Desert Trips From Cairo

    Wander the nature and give yourself this chance to be relax visiting Bahariya oasis in Egypt Western Desert. 2 Days camping at the White Desert then onto the Black Desert and the Valley of El Haize.

    $ 175.00 Available

  • El Fayoum Wadi Hitan Overnight Trip From Cairo

    Fayoum & Wadi Hitan Tours From Cairo

    An overnight to Egypt famous oasis of Fayoum to admire the nature beauty before starting an adventure to Wadi Hitan protectorate. It is around 95 Km from Cairo with expert Egyptologist guide.

    $ 199.00 Available

  • Cairo 03 Days Short City Breaks and Two Nights Layover in Cairo

    Cairo 3 Days Layover Trips Package

    Cairo 2 night short Break to visit the great attractions of Cairo including hotel and return airport transfers. You would admire Giza Pyramids, Sphinx , Sakkara, Memphis, Egyptian Museum and Old Cairo.

    $ 210.00 Available

  • Overnight trip to St.Catherine monastery from Cairo

    Moses Mountain & St. Catherine Trips From Cairo

    Discover Moses mountain & St.Catherine in an overnight safari from Cairo. Visit Sinai Monastery, the most important religious site in Sinai  climb Mount Sinai with in AC comfort care with personal tour guide.

    $ 215.00 Available

  • Overnight Trip To El Minya From Cairo

    El Minya Overnight Tours From Cairo

    Book and enjoy an overnight to El Minya sightseeing. Travel for 4 hours with expert Egyptologist guide joining you to lead the way for history filled journey to Beni Hassan, Tuna El Gabal and Tel Amarna tombs in El Minya from Cairo, Egypt.

    $ 257.00 Available

  • Discount Cairo 04 Days Break at Oberoi Mena House

    4 Days Cairo Discount Holidays Package

    Luxury short break in Cairo of sightseeing with accommodation in Operoi Mena House Hotel, airport transfers and visits to Giza Pyramids, Sphinx, Sakkara, Memphis, Egyptian Museum & Old Cairo.

    On sale! $ 280.00 Available

  • Luxor Over day by Plane

    Valley Of Kings & Luxor Tours From Cairo

    Nowhere else in the world has such wealth of antiquities of the mankind. Luxor or the ancient Thebes has it all. Explore Karnak Temples, Valley of Kings, Temple of Queen Hatshepsut and the River Nile.

    $ 290.00 Available

  • Day Tour to Sharm El Sheikh By Flight From cairo

    Travel to Sharm El Sheikh From Cairo

    Experience the natural beauty of Sinai and the Red Sea marine flying from Cairo. Board submarine to wander the coral reefs and colored fishes of the Red Sea then 4 wheels Quad ride in Sinai desert.

    $ 310.00 Available

  • Cairo 04 Days Short City Breaks and 03 Nights Layover in Cairo

    Cairo 4 Days Holidays Packages

    Three nights short break to visit Cairo unique attractions with accommodation, airport transfers included and things to do. Stroll Giza Pyramids, Sphinx , Sakkara, Memphis, Egyptian Museum and Old Cairo..

    $ 325.00 Available

  • Luxor 2 Days Tour By Flight Tours From Cairo Egypt

    Luxor Overnight Flight Trips From Cairo

    Nowhere else in the world features such wealth of mankind antiquities as it has been in Luxor or the ancient Thebes. Explore the Karnak Temples, Valley of Kings, Temple of Queen Hatshepsut From Cairo.

    $ 350.00 Available

  • Cairo 05 Days Short City Breaks and 04 Nights Layover in Cairo

    Cairo 5 Days Vacations Package

    Cairo 05 Days break in Cairo to enjoy Cairo city sightseeing including accommodation and airport return transfers. Visit Giza Pyramids, Sphinx, Sakkara, Memphis, Egyptian Museum, Old Cairo and Alexandria.

    $ 375.00 Available

  • Over day excursion to Abu Simbel

    Aswan & Abu Simbel Flight Tours From Cairo

    Abu Simbel and Aswan flight journey from Cairo to admire one of the most exciting places in Egypt. Visit Philae Temple, Unfinished Obelisk in Aswan and explore the magnificent Abu Simbel Temples.

    $ 730.00 Available

  • Overnight trip to Petra-Jordan

    3 Days Petra Jordan Tours From Cairo

    Travel to Petra for overnight sightseeing to Petra. Depart from Cairo to discover the Nabateans lost city. Enjoy the Great Treasury, the Roman Theatre, the Royal Tombs, as well as hundreds of other monuments

    $ 799.00 Available

  • Siwa Oasis 05 Days Discovery Adventure

    Siwa Oasis 5 Days Safari Tours From Cairo

    Egypt Adventure expedition to Siwa Oasis from Cairo to Explore the Charm of Egypt Western Desert. Visit Siwa house Museum, Alexander Temples, Cleopatra Bath in Siwa and surrounding area

    $ 890.00 Available

  • Western Desert 05 Days Adventure Tour Package

    Western Desert 5 Days Safari Trips From Cairo

    Explore the Western Desert of Egypt in 05 Days Discovery to Gara Cave and Egypt Oasis of Farafra, Bahariya Oasis. Deep Insight to White and Black Desert, Agabat and Desert Rose From Cairo, Egypt.

    $ 1,100.00 Available